US Open Raffle – September 17-20, 2020

Blake Adams / Cantlay
Blake Adams / Hovland
Blake Adams / Pieters
Arnold Myers / Walker
Juan Felix / Reed
Ray Rocha / Kaymer
Ray Rocha / Fitzpatrick
Ray Rocha / Kisner
Ray Rocha / Rahm
Jimmy Martin / Woods
Jimmy Martin / Sabbatini
Jimmy Martin / Lewis
Jimmy Martin / Day
Chuck Smith / Leishman
Chuck Smith / Poston
Chuck Smith / Wolff
Chuck Smith / Palmer
Johnny Reaves / Kuchar
Johnny Reaves / Casey
Johnny Reaves / Fleetwood
Johnny Reaves / Lee
Craig Jones / Scott
Craig Jones / Wiesberger
Dave Guarino / Simpson
Dave Guarino / Lowry
Dave Guarino / Finau
Steve Crowdis / English
Steve Crowdis / D Johnson
Steve Crowdis / Reavie
Steve Crowdis / Watson
Donnie Strange / Poulter
Donnie Strange / McIlroy
Donnie Strange / Hatton
Donnie Strange / Im
Billy Lunsford / Neimann
Claudie Wallen / Todd
Claudie Wallen / Rose
Claudie Wallen / Howell III
Claudie Wallen / Fowler
Dave Ernesty / Z Johnson
Dave Ernesty / Schauffelle
Dave Ernesty / Woodland
Dave Ernesty / Noren
Jody Lynn / Hughes
Jody Lynn / DeChambeau
Jody Lynn / Mickelson
Jody Lynn / Westwood
Bill Rudin / Smith
Bill Rudin / Oosthuizen
Bill Rudin / Garcia
Bill Rudin / Streelman


Carolina Lakes

Major Tournament Raffles

How it works:

For every raffle ticket purchased a PGA tour player will be selected for that ticket the Wednesday of the tournament. If your player wins you win. Tournament field size and the amount of raffle tickets sold will determine the prize pool and the number of winners. Prize categories will range from more expensive items (putters and golf bags) to smaller items (hats and dozens of balls). Prizes will be chosen from within a selection of items, but there are no returns of items.


Each ticket will cost $5. There is no limit on the amount of tickets an individual can buy.


The Major Championships including The Players Championship. Ticket must be purchased by noon Wednesday of the tournament.


Everyone is invited to participate.


The goal is to give at least one big prize away each tournament. This is all dependent on the participation.  We will have the prize selection displayed the week of the tournament.

Prize Break Down:

0-10 players: no prizes money back

11-30 players:  Dozen Balls (11 Players 1 place, 30 players 3 places)

31-50 players: Golf Bag (31 players = 1st place Golf Bag, 50 players = 2nd &3rd dozen golf balls)

51-75 players: Putter (51 players = 1st place putter, 75 players= 2nd place golf bag)

76-Field Max: Possibilities are endless (not really… ask staff for more info)


In case of a playoff, tie is broken by the most previous round played (Final Round). If tie is not broken, we will go to 3rd round then 2nd etc.