2021 Pick N’ Play – Updated Standings
Points Standings After The Masters
Contestants Rd 1 Rd2 Rd3 Rd 4 Am Total PTS.
Jaggers / Spieth 5
Rhodes / Schauffelle 7
Gannon/ Spieth 15
Sturdivant/ Thomas 22
D. Crowdis/ Spieth 23
D. Guarino/ Thomas 23
P. Otten / Thomas 27
Marden / Rahm 29
Demoranville/ D. Johnson 31
Vandenbark/ D. Johnson 31
S. Salmon/ Fleetwood 32
C. Smith/ Spieth 33
B. Salmon/ Finau 33
Lunsford / Schwartzel 33
C. Spring/ DeChambeau 33
B. Matthews/ Spieth 34
R. Frechette/ Spieth 34
Castro / Rahm 34
C. Salmon/ Reed 36
Ellerbe/ DeChambeau 36
R. Wheeler/ Rahm 38
Johnny Parker/ Rahm 38
Strange / Simpson 39
J. Reaves/ Spieth 41
J. Johnson/ D. Johnson 42
D. Horn/ D. Johnson 42
Martin/ Mcllroy 42
Mauldin/ Niemann 44
S. Hales/ Thomas 46
Martinez / Mcllroy 46
J. Wicker/ 47
Edwards/ J. Thomas 48
Wuest / DeChambeau 51
C. Jones/ DeChambeau 54
P. Anderson/ 54
F. Valentine/ DeChambeau 55
V. Schimmoller/ D. Johnson 57
Lynn / D. Johnson 57
S. Walker/ D. Johnson 57
C. Klaren/ D. Johnson 58
J. Rodriquez/ D. Johnson 58
S. Womble/ D. Johnson 58
C. Otten/ 69
Rocha / 69
Powell/ 69
T. Sullivan/ Cantlay 70



2021 Pick ‘N Play
Rules for Play


  1. Eligibility – Must be a Member of Carolina Lakes Golf Course OR a Rewards Card Member AND have an USGA Handicap with at least 5 posted scores. Any USGA GHIN holding competitor playing with another entrant
  2. Entry Fee – $10 (cash) Per Tournament plus golf fees.
  3. Dates:

Tournament                         Dates                           Pick By                   Play By

The Masters                        April 8-11                      April 7                     April 10

                     May 20-23                    May 19                    May 22

US Open                             June 17-20                    June 16                  June 19

British Open                       July 15-18                     July 14                    July 17


  1. Format:
    1. By the Tournament Pick By Date, each contestant will pay $10 Entry and make their pick to win that’s week Major Golf Tournament.
    2. A contestant can only pick the same player one time and can only have one entry each week.
    3. The contestant can play one round to help “their pro” at the completion of the tournament. Using their handicap, anytime from Monday to Saturday of tournament week, the contestant can play an 18-Hole Round at Carolina Lakes Golf Course.  Using their Handicap, they will help “their pro” improve their score according to how many under par they shoot.  For Example – Contestant picks Tiger Woods to win the Players Championship and pays their $10 on Monday March 8th.  The Contestant returns on Friday March 12th and plays an 18 Hole Round.  They shoot a 74 and they have an 8 Handicap giving them a Net Score of 66 or 4 Under Par.  Tiger Woods finishes 2nd after Sunday with a 13 Under Par Score.  The Contestant gets to add their 4 Under Par Score, giving Tiger 17 Under and they win the golf tournament.
    4. After figuring each Contestants Final Round Score, gift cards will be issued to the top 33% of entrants.
    5. If the Contestant shoots over par, “their pro” score will not be changed.
    6. If a Contestant wishes to compete, but cannot play during the allotted time, a score of plus 2 will be added to “their pro”.
    7. USGA Rules will apply and a Tournament Rules Sheet will be provided.
    8. Each Contestant must be playing with another competing Contestant at the time of their round.
  1. Payout:
    1. All but $50 of Entry Fee Money will be paid out each week in Gift Cards. Gift Cards can be used for Range Balls, Merchandise, Cart Fees, and Greens Fees (no Snack Bar).
    2. Rest of Money will be held for the Tour Championship / Match Play.
  2. Tour Championship 
    1. Points will be awarded each week and a cumulative list will be kept throughout the year.
    2. After the British Open, the top 30 will qualify for the Tour Championship.
    3. Drawing Party will be held for top 30 on Wednesday evening (September 1st) of Tour Championship week with food and drinks provided.
    4. Entry Fee for Tour Championship is $20 (Money goes to winnings for Tour Championship / Match Play).
    5. Formula for determining winner of Tour Championship will be:
      1. Each Player will be assigned their PGA Player according to our final standings and the PGA Tour’s final standings.  Our #1 Player receives their #1 Player and the lead assigned to that player per PGA Rules.
      2. Each Player will get to blind draw a player on the evening of the Tour Championship Party.  PGA Tour Players will be placed in a hat and from 30th place to 1st place, our participants will get to draw a name.
      3. Each Player will get to play one round during tournament week just like previous contests.
      4. The winner will be determined by counting the PGA Player 4 day score and lead assigned by PGA Tour PLUS the (1) best round shot by each player’s blind draw PLUS the score shot during tournament week by our participant.  For example, our participant is assigned Dustin Johnson as #1 qualifier.  The PGA Tour starts Dustin at 10 under and he shoots 8 under for 4 days giving him a total of 18 under.  Our participant draws Rickie Fowler in the blind draw and he shoots one round of 4 under as his best score during the week.  Our participant plays on Tuesday of tournament week and shoots a net score of 2 under.  Our participant’s Tour Championship score will be 24 under par.  The top 33% finishers using this formula will be paid.
    6.  Money must be received by Wednesday September 1st.
    7. Each Contestant will be allowed to play 1 FREE Round to help “their pro” from Monday August 30th to Saturday September 4th.
    8. Same Rules Apply as Regular Season.
    9. Top 33% will get paid from purse determined by Tour Championship Entry Fees. All winners will be paid by Gift Cards.
  3. Match Play
    1. Top 16 finalists from Tour Championship qualify
    2. $10 per match until Semi-Finals
    3. Single Elimination
    4. Matches seeded by season ending points list
    5. Once field is set each match must be played within two weeks (1 week grace period with legitimate reason). After grace period match is conceded to higher seed unless otherwise decided by rules committee. Example: Higher seed refuses to play for any reason within allotted time, than match is conceded to lower seed.